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Last night was the season 5 premiere for True Blood.  I had an amazing time celebrating in a beautiful one of a kind R-Mine Bespoke gown.  We watched the first episode of the new season at the Arclight Dome in Hollywood and then enjoyed a great party following.  Waiting sucks but it's just around the corner.  June 10th on HBO the new season starts!

Tara Buck Guest Stars on Prime Suspect Tonight
Tara Buck guest stars on Prime Suspect opposite Maria Bello
NBC has moved Prime Suspect episode "Bitch" guest starring Tara Buck a week earlier in their line up.  The episode will air tonight, October 6th at 10/9c on NBC. 

"While helping out at her father's bar, Jane finds herself without her gun when she's confronted with a robber.  Calderon and Jane get assigned to solving the murder of a woman found in a dumpster...."

Ginger's Coffin Ride....
Tara Buck in True Blood, GInger RIdes Pam's Coffin

True Blood, Ginger Jumps on Pams Coffin
Click here to watch the You Tube video

Cold Case: The Red and The Blue
Tara Buck guest stars on Cold Case
This Episode of Cold Case is basically old news but I loved my character and this post card... it's just such a specific kind of girl.  I'm sharing it on here simply because it's fun and when you're watching a random rerun of Cold Case and you think you recognize that girl in the corn rows you'll know how.

CBS Sundays 9/8c


Justified on FX


I'm guest starring on one of my favorite shows.  Two back to back episodes airing Wednesday March 23rd and 30th.  
Tara Buck guest stars in Justified on FX with Timothy Olyphant, Walton Goggins and Jeremy Davies
Tara Buck in Southland on TNT with C. Thomas Howell, Regina King and Kevin Alejandro
TNT's Southland
Don't miss the season finale of TNT's gritty cop drama SOUTHLAND.  I'm guest-starring opposite C. Thomas Howell in what is sure to be a much talked about episode.