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K-11, the directorial debut of Jules Stewart, is due out in the US later this year, and we’ve got an exclusive image for you.  

Stewart, previously a script supervisor (and, yes, the mother of Twilight’s Kristen Stewart), makes her writing and directing debut with this one, and the subject matter doesn't exactly flinch from potential controversy.

The film stars Goran Visnjic as a record producer who winds up in prison after a drugs binge. Although he doesn’t end up in a standard cell: he’s put into the ‘K-11 unit’ for gay and transgendered inmates.

The film is fictional, although the K-11 unit does exist in the L.A. County Men’s Jail....

K-11 Coming soon.... 
Variety highlights Tara Buck in the Players section:
Tara Buck in Variety Players, K-11 News
Variety talks K-11 News 
Tara Buck has landed a starring role in the feature film "K-11." She will play a heroin-addicted prison inmate who seduces Goran Visnjic's character. She can currently be seen on HBO's "True Blood."

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